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Be real…

Love to live and live to love. f**k all Peace Haterz! Don’t hate anyone you don’t know, if you don’t want anyone else to think the same way about you. Everything happens for a reason… Give people a second chance because you might need it one day, too. Enjoy and appreciate the day, because “the day” doesn’t really need you. Tell your loved ones, that you love them! It could light up their day and bring you something you didn’t expect. Help elders, be nice to them. What do you think will happen to you one day?! Don’t judge anyone for their color, religion or traditions. Nobody can choose what they’re born into. Love, and you will be loved. Don’t do anything to anyone, that you don’t wanna have done to yourself. The world is egoistic enough, it’s in our hand to be part of it or not!

2 Kommentare zu Be real…

  1. Mr WordPress says:

    Hallo, das hier ist ein Kommentar.
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  2. Nico says:

    Tolle Seite, mundet mir.

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