HAKTAN ONAL Subfreakie 4.0



Haktan O’Nal was born in Hamburg and left Germany in 1996 to Los Angeles to visit the prestigious Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute. His love for electronic music and djing made him bring one record-case full of his favourite tracks alongside. That completely changed his life in the U.S.! Not knowing anybody in the City of Angels, he soon met the Creators of the legendary Club Logic and djing finally turned into a career. After becoming resident DJ at the strongest and longest running dance club in Los Angeles at that time, Haktan was able to take the well-educated crowd to the next level, by playing his unique and European oriented sound. Today Haktan has played at a number of the worlds leading festivals, Clubs and Events such as Loveparade, Creamfields, Zen Festival, Mayday, Giant, Spundae, Space-Ibiza, Together as One… Haktan started his DJ career after getting an electronic music mix tape from a friend. He was 15 years old when he started buying records. The first club I played was the Galaxy. I was 17 and more nervous about getting in than playing in front of that crowd. A number of bookings followed after that. At the age of 18 he got a major acting job, which took him away from music. Only his journey to Los Angeles brought back his first love. In 2001, Haktan became the first artist to get signed to Timo Maas label Four Twenty Recordings. After teaming up with his compatriot and seasoned producer Sharam Jey and at the same time building his own Studio, Deluxe Roomz, in Los Angeles, he started to concentrate more on production. His first single Bedford Street was a big success and brought him the recognition along todays leading DJs. Bedford Street, the most selling 4:20 record, became record of the month at Groove Radio, California. Mixer Magazine gave it 10/10 Points and Pete Tong played it on his BBC Show, Radio One. He later also used it on his compilation Twisted Beats, just like Timo Maas on Connected, Sharam Jey on In The Mix, Sono on Top Of The Clubs, Slinky on World Class and Mark Moore on Trust The DJ. Bedford Street also became the Nr.1 Seller for Import in the Netherlands (Mox Music Distribution). His follow up Subfreakie, included a Timo Maas remix and became another highlight on 4:20. Haktan moved back to Germany and has been working on different projects since. He also found back to his love for acting and film. He has been working on the score of two movies and has started shooting his own short movies.

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